Our Approach

Quality Management Systems and Corporate Management Systems Preparedness

Nobody likes the “Quality Police” and that’s not who we are.

We first focus on discovering everything we need to know about your Quality Management Systems, so that we can prepare your business for ISO9001 or AS9100 Certification, or your next recertification or surveillance audit.

We have a very low pressure, unifying and collaborative approach, and prefer to brainstorm with you to learn about your needs, and then we partner with you to choose the right solutions to fit the needs of your business.

Our goal is to streamline your documentation and process so that training and execution are seamless, audit findings are eliminated and opportunities for further improvement are clearly defined and understood. The outcome will be designed to increase your business profitability and create a positive and enjoyable experience for you and your Customers, Suppliers or third party Auditors.

Problem Solving

Dealing with Supplier Quality, Manufacturing Quality or Customer Quality Problems and getting nowhere solving them? We will train you and guide you in the 8 Discipline Methodology to Problem Solving, and work with you to properly define the problem, identify root cause, correct the problem and prevent recurrence.

Our Story

We are a US Navy Veteran Owned business with over 30 years of global experience in selecting, developing and delivering the right solutions for our customers to ensure the success of their business.

Blue Waters PS is a Purpose Driven Partner.

Tim Pidcock

Executive Quality Engineering Consultant – Tim is a US Navy Veteran with 30+ years global technology business experience. Tim has a passion for solving problems for mid-sized, global business operations. He is an Executive Quality Engineering Professional, and unifying leader with broad experience in High-Tech Manufacturing of Semiconductor Wafer Processing Equipment, Defense Avionics, Telecom, and Computer Hardware.

Tim is an Organizational Driver and skilled in building and leading multi-sight technical teams in Manufacturing Quality, Supplier Quality, Customer Quality, Manufacturing Engineering and Component Engineering in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Tim has built Quality Organizations and processes from scratch, and also been successful in clearing dysfunction from existing organizations, and then building, aligning and empowering the team to support long term success and growth.

Tim strives to create and implement effective and practical solutions for complex issues in medium volume/complexity manufacturing as well as low volume, high complexity manufacturing operations.

Next Steps…

Let us discover your needs and solve your problems!

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