Payments Security and Point of Sale Technology

We offer technology that is designed with all the current Payment Card Industry Security Standards and Payment Technology, fully integrated.

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NonProfit Fundraising...on Steroids!

If we could show you a way to increase your annual fundraising by $38,000 at no cost to you, would you be interested in learning about it?

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Software Development

Do you have a software project, but not enough time or resources to get it developed? Let us help you!

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It's The Easiest Part Of Our Job!

With 30+ years of Global Source & Technology selection and development experience, we know how to find, qualify and bring to you, the right sources and technology for your business.

The easiest part of our job is to get to know you, discover what is and is not currently working for you, isolate the opportunities for improvement with you, and then take you through the process of selecting the right technology and solution to help your business or nonprofit succeed at a lower total cost of ownership.

Please allow us to show you what partnership in your success is like.

You won't be disappointed.


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