Working Capital That Works For Your Small Business

Blue Waters PS
Working Capital Programs

Did you know we offer Working Capital for Small Business in the form of Business Loans and Business Advances?

When the Bank can't help you quick enough, or their approval requirements are not flexible enough to meet your business needs, a Business Loan or Business Advance can be a great option.

Sometimes a business needs urgent access to quick working capital to cover seasonal expenses, capital equipment, or to pull through a shortage or lull in sales.

Business loans offer you the predictability of a fixed repayment structure. Financing is based on the annual gross sales. This option is great for a business that prefers a daily fixed repayment plan.

Business Advances are a cash flow friendly approach to small business financing. They are the sale and purchase of future credit and debit card receipts and repayments are based on a small fixed percentage of those receipts.

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