Payment Processing Security

Credit Card Fraud is at an all-time high in the US. We represent the latest in payment processing security options for B2C, BCB, B2G and Donations Payments at highly competitive fees for service.

Business Development

We represent solutions that improve your customer retention, and help you to attract new customers through easy to understand actionable data, marketing, and customer loyalty programs.

NonProfit Fundraising

We have an intimate understanding of the complex fundraising needs of your Nonprofit, Private School, University, and Youth Organization. Our solutions solve for Time, Treasure and Talent.

Point of Sale Technology

The Point of Sale solutions we represent, have been designed from the ground up with all the modern payment security technology integrated. They are easily customized to the unique needs of your business, and can be yours at a much lower level of investment than you may think. Accept EMV, NFC, Contactless, ACH, eCheck and Mobile Payments with ease and confidence.

Payment Gateways for eCommerce

Your eCommerce website, Email Payments, or Donations Page require a secure means of payment that will make your customer or contributor feel safe to do business with you. We represent a variety of payment gateway options, and will help you choose the right one for your needs.

Software Development

We have partnerships with developers that have full stack, mobile first and legacy capabilities. We make your life easy but aligning your project with the best development team, and we manage and maintain your project for you to ensure it stays on track, is properly documented, and costs do not soar outside of budget. If you need process automation or mobile applications, we can help.

One Solution

$38,000+ In Annual Fundraising At Zero Cost To Your Organization!

This is a serious offer for a serious problem. Through our partnership with eSports Amateur Competitors League, we can take your fundraising global. We provide all the Time and Talent, and we delivery the Treasure to you through this disruptive fundraising platform. You literally have nothing to loose!

eSports Tournament Specialists and Business Partners Wanted!

Contact us to learn more about this opportunity with the eSports Amateur Competitors League. Income potential through this disruptive platform ranges from $32,000 to well over $380,000 per year. You will be trained how to manage eSports Tournaments as a powerful fundraising solution for nonprofits.

SmartScan Digital Mail

Get Your Mail Delivered To Wherever You Are!

You will no longer be waiting to get to the office or home to receive your mail, especially when you are traveling. Plowing through junk mail will be a thing of the past. What’s more you can pick an address anywhere in the US to receive your business mail and get it delivered to you daily. SmartScan Digital Mail gives you mobile freedom, time savings and improved efficiency.

Next Steps...

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