These are some of the more popular questions we are asked about our Services and Solution Partnerships.

What sets you apart from your competition?

  • Three+ Decades of Global Experience
  • Our customers are OUR customers
  • Focus on protecting OUR customer and building their business.
  • Technology to increase sales and fundraising.

Honest Value…

What are the most common merchant misconceptions regarding payment security?

  • “I don’t need it.” - According to Trustwave Global Security Report 2012, 90% of all data breaches target small merchants, because owners don’t have time to handle their day-to-day security.
  • “I’m not liable.” - As of October 2015, if you have not taken steps to secure your receipt of payments, if a breach were to happen, you are now liable for the costs.
  • “Nothing has happened yet.” - The likelihood of a data breach is greater than you may think, and the consequences can be catastrophic for your business.
  • “I’m already protected.” - Your current payment processing may not fully protect your payment data from the moment a card is swiped or dipped, and requirements change quite frequently.

What are the most common merchant misconceptions regarding merchant accounts?

  • “I get a free terminal.” - Terminals valued at $300+ are never “free”, and neither are $100+ valued mobile readers. These costs are buried in your rates and fees, and you most likely are paying for your "free" equipment over and over. Wouldn't it be worth it to find out?
  • “I have the best rates.” - Very common in the industry for the true effective rate to be buried in carry overs and hidden fees, and for providers to make small adjustments every 6-months to increase their profit on your account. Wouldn't it be worth it to find out?
  • “You guys are all the same.” WE AGREE! Our competitors are all the same. But has your current provider ever contacted you to show you how to increase sales, or offered you a rate and security review without being asked? Wouldn't you like to work with one who does?
  • “I hate Merchant Services Reps!” - WE DO TOO! Those guys are sneaky…With a 15-minute conversation, we can show you that we are not Merchant Services Reps. We are Business Consultants and Partners who can help you succeed.

How is it possible for you to bring in $38,000+ every year in new fundraising for a nonprofit, at zero cost to them, and no effort required from them?

We understand this sounds too good to be true, so we have a fun and interactive web based overview that will answer all your questions. Call us at 949-677-9428 or email to schedule a 30-minute review.

What is a Digital Mailbox?

SmartScan Digital Mail Service, also known as virtual mail, is a new mobile app technology that allows you to receive your mail anywhere in the world, from a central processing center. This is a convenient option for office buildings, corporate offices, apartment complexes, military, digital nomads, and global business professionals or world travelers.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! We can support your needs 24/7/365.