Be a Catalyst For Change

The United States Has a Problem. 

While our Educators are wonderful, hard working people with a passion for positively affecting the lives of our youth, and preparing them for college, our education system and business communities are failing at truly preparing our youth for the real world.

The statistics don't lie:

  • 62% of our High School Students cannot afford to attend their first choice college. ~ Forbes, Apr 3, 2014
  • From 2004-2014, students average debt at graduation rose 56% with 69% graduating under a heavy debt load that will take the decades to pay off ~ 10th Annual Report, The Institute For College Access and Success.
  • Class of 2015: For young college graduates, the unemployment rate as of May 2015 was 7.2%, and the underemployment rate was 14.9% ~ Economic Policy Institute, May 27, 2015

Catalyst for Change

"High School Inc. is a progressive and innovative non-profit becoming a catalyst for social and economic change. Students are graduating and equipped for a 21st century workplace, businesses are engaged with an emerging workforce and increasing profitability, and communities are being strengthened through job growth and a greater sense of pride.
Through a unique collaboration between the High School Inc. Foundation 501(c)(3), the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce, and the Santa Ana Unified School District, High School Inc.'s mission is to empower youth and strengthen communities through education and business partnerships.
High School Inc. is housed on the campus of Valley High School in southwest Santa Ana; and there are approximately 1,200 Students enrolled in High School Inc. during a typical school year."

An Emerging National Model

High School Inc. has the potential to become a national model, to bridge skills gaps and language barriers — and bringing balance to social equity and economic values. Teachers and successful business professionals work side-by-side in the classroom to equip students for jobs, entrepreneurial start-ups, college and university - all leading to sustainable employment in growth industries.

Students attend core, academic classes and also receive hands-on, real world training through one of six High School Inc. Academies:
Culinary and Hospitality
Health Care
Automotive Logistics and transportation
New Media
Global Business
Engineering, Manufacturing & Construction"

How Can Your Business Become A Catalyst For Change?

Through our Affinity 4 High School Inc program, something you already pay for...the lifeblood of your business...can help every month to passively fund the High School Inc Academy program while also lowering your operational costs for the very same. Through your merchant account, you can support High School Inc and know you are helping to equip kids for life after High School and College.
We will sit with you, learn about your business needs, complete an autopsy of your current payment processing and show you an opportunity to lower your costs, gain valuable insights into your business, and update your technology to protect against fraud. If we succeed in winning your merchant services business, we will donate a 25% portion of our net from your processing fees every month to the High School Inc Foundation in support of the Academy program.

Why work with me?

I was one of these kids...
I graduated in 1981, disinterested, unskilled, with a 1.77 GPA, a trouble maker, and with very few prospects for college or a career. On a whim, I went straight into the US Navy and was trained in Advanced Avionics. It turns out, I was actually a pretty smart and capable guy, but no one had helped me discover how smart and capable I was...
The US Navy did...
I was deployed to the fleet to troubleshoot the Avionics, Navigation and Weapons Control systems of Fighter Aircraft, and when I had time, I took classes to earn my degree. Within 3 years I had received a Presidential Nomination to the Naval Academy.
I didn't get accepted...Stage 3 Cancer made that decision for me at age 22.
I survived...
I had to continue to work my way up and into a nice stable career directing global organizations, traveling the world, and ultimately became the owner of my own business representing technology and solutions, and problem solving for businesses and nonprofits.
Now I volunteer my time along with other passionate business owners, to this amazing Academy program. As an Agent of Change, I have a passion to help these kids out by teaching them from my life and career experience, and providing fundraising solutions for the program through the business community.
Work with me, the Educators and High School Inc on developing these kids and preparing them for their future...
Become a Catalyst for Change in their lives through something your business uses every day, your payment processing.
If your of these amazing kids may become your best employee, or your partner in business...or that hard fighting competitor that drives you to be better.

It all starts with a phone call from anywhere in the USA to Tim at 949-677-9428, or an e-mail to

Looking forward to hearing from you, learning about you, and teaching you more about this opportunity to truly change the future of these kids.

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